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PRE-ORDER CD HERE PRE-ORDER DIGITAL HERE PRE-ORDER VINYL HERE Release Date: April 21, 2017 This Is My Town: Songs of New York  Track…

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Hi Barry, If you dont mind me saying it would be easier for some fans travelling from the UK if you had say a week of concerts in New York…

Started by Tina

0 on Monday

NY Tickets

Is anyone else having a problem getting in to buy tickets>? It won't recognise my e-mail address in the promotional code or do I put som…

Started by Sheila

8 Mar 17
Reply by Marian Thurston

Fans in Crawley

Hi Everybody, Just wondered if there are any fans in Crawley? Manilove Tinax

Started by Tina

4 Mar 14
Reply by Tina

Anyone want vinyl?

Hello, I've been having a clear out and have a lot of good old fashioned LP records of Barry, and as I have them on CD, well I'd like the r…

Started by Mandy Morton

9 Mar 14
Reply by Lulu Lange

Blenheim palace

Just received the Blenheim palace dvd. Has taken me right back to 1983, me and my sister sat in the audience for our very first Barry conce…

Started by Susan

1 Mar 12
Reply by Millie

Barry Manilow Premieres 'New York City Rhythm/On Broadway' From New Album

Barry Manilow Premieres 'New York City Rhythm/On Broadway' From New Album

Started by ManilowUK

0 Mar 10

blenheim palace

Does anyone know where i can buy Barry manilow the concert on blenheim palace on dvd?

Started by alison jane

4 Mar 10
Reply by ManilowUK

live in Japan favourite show  my   tape has broken,  too many plays, has anyone got a copy they don't want ,  or an ideas where I can purc…

Started by Millie

1 Mar 5
Reply by Millie

ManilowTV - March 2017

Hi Everyone, This month’s ManilowTV episode is another exciting show we did in England, this time in Birmingham. That year, 1996, we toured…

Started by ManilowUK

1 Mar 5
Reply by Jay

UK 2016 tour

Does anyone know if they will ever bring a DVD out of the UK 2016 tour. It was such a brilliant show. Here's hoping.

Started by Susan

0 Feb 28


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Started by Tina on Monday.

NY Tickets 8 Replies

Started by Sheila. Last reply by Marian Thurston Mar 17.

Fans in Crawley 4 Replies

Started by Tina. Last reply by Tina Mar 14.

Anyone want vinyl? 9 Replies

Started by Mandy Morton. Last reply by Lulu Lange Mar 14.

Blenheim palace 1 Reply

Started by Susan. Last reply by Millie Mar 12.

blenheim palace 4 Replies

Started by alison jane. Last reply by ManilowUK Mar 10.

live in Japan 1 Reply

Started by Millie. Last reply by Millie Mar 5.

ManilowTV - March 2017 1 Reply

Started by ManilowUK. Last reply by Jay Mar 5.

UK 2016 tour

Started by Susan Feb 28.

Blenheim Palace Deluxe DVD

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