Hi has anyone had their tickets direct from the 02 yet? I ordered mine direct for the disabled section and I'm told it could be as late as 2 weeks before the concert when we get them.

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i got my tickets 2 wks ago from O2.

Oh ok, I'm getting a bit worried now. I've got a confirmation email but can't relax till I have the tickets in my hand.

Contact them and see whats happening .

DJ said:

Oh ok, I'm getting a bit worried now. I've got a confirmation email but can't relax till I have the tickets in my hand.

Did you buy through the Fan Club?  As far as I know, only the Fan Club tickets have been issued.  I would imagine that tickets for wheelchair users and carers will probably be issued 2 weeks prior to the dates, as this is the norm with pretty much all shows that happen at the O2.  

I think I'll ring them just incase. I have to get wheelchair seats direct from the 02 now so don't get them early.
They've arrived! Yippee!

Thats great !

DJ said:

They've arrived! Yippee!
I can relax now, phew!

Plus get excited ! 
DJ said:

I can relax now, phew!
Yes, definitely getting excited! I missed the last shows as I was ill so I'm so excited this time!

That's great news the tickets have arrived!

Yes I'm so relieved!!

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