5 star review for This Is My Town:Songs Of New York

Review Barry Manilow NEW 2017 Album…

By Alex Belfield - Celebrity Radio

If you like Manilow, you’ll LOVE This Is My Town: Songs Of New York!

Released 21st April 2017, we are honoured to have heard the album in full for an EXCLUSIVE review….

This album is classic Barry with a divine selection of tunes offering beautiful melodies delivered with glorious phrasing & tone which all Manilow fans would expect.

This brand new album is a love letter to New York and rightly so. For 30 years Letterman opened his Broadway ‘Late Show’ with “Live From Greatest City In The World” – it is!

Read the full review here: http://www.celebrityradio.biz/review-barry-manilow-new-2017-album/

Hear the Audio / Video Review via YouTube below

New Album Released 21st April




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cant wait to get mine

its bound to be fabulous from our Barry


A perfect mix of tunes, just love this album.

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