I've been having a clear out and have a lot of good old fashioned LP records of Barry, and as I have them on CD, well I'd like the records to go to a good home. If any one would like them - there are quite a lot - and would be willing to pick them up (Birmingham, south-ish) then please contact me.

I'd rather be rid of them all in one go and don't want anything for them, just to know they will have a good home. All in pretty good condition and as far as I recall, no scratches or anything - I've always looked after my stuff!



I'm a new member, I joined to get rid of these, but have been a fan since 1979 and been to most tours since

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Just to say 'welcome" Mandy! Your not close enough for me to take a look at yr collection (and I've probably got them all anyway, both on vinyl and cd) hope they find a good home!

thanks Tricia

Hi Mandy,

I love vinyl but I live in the United States.  A few years back, I was lucky enough to see a post just like yours and was able to give someone's Manilow's vinyl a good home.  I look at those just about everyday, a real treat for me.  I hope your records find their way into another great home.

Best regards,


Hi Judee, that would be a bit of a journey to make! Hope I find someone a bit closer. Thanks. Mandy

Hi Mandy,

I am very interested, as I don't have vinyls in my Barry collection.  But, I live in Germany, too far away from you.  I was thinking, would you be willing to mail them, if I give you the money for packaging and postage?  Just a thought.

Thanks, Mandy.


Hi Lulu,

I'll find out what the postage is likely to be and let you know (probably be the weekend) then you can see what you want to do.



Hi Mandy,

Thanks again and I will wait for your email.



Very happy that my vinyl has found a lovely new home, where it will be loved and not just be sat in a cupboard.

Many thanks Lulu :-)

Hi Mandy,

I am very happy and very grateful for these vinyls that you have given me.  I will cherish and treasure them.  

THANK YOU so much, Mandy :-)!

Take care,


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