Barry at Proms in the Park, September 14th

I have a General Admission Ticket for which I paid £49.55.   Unfortunately, I am now not able to attend. I will sell for £30.00 if anyone is interested?



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Hi Mary

Only just seen your post.  This is a bit of a long shot I know but do you still have the ticket by any chance?  


Hi Gill, I have one ticket for sale if you would like it, as my friend cannot go now.

Please message me


Vera Jones

is ticket still available

Ann, this is Melanie (a few posts down!). I still have 2 tickets to sell and am going to have to try on Ticketmaster as I’ve had no luck here! I had asked for £49 each.
If you’re still looking I could sell the 2 for £45 each. X

Apologies Vera for not contacting you sooner but I’ve been away.  Unfortunately my friend who I was going to stay with on Saturday night is unable to put me up and any reasonably priced hotels don’t seem to exist in central London.  So unfortunately at present, I’m going to have to give the ticket a miss.  I’m really annoyed I can’t make it as Barry was superb the last time he did Proms in the Park.  Enjoy the show and sorry once again.


If ticket is still available I would be interested'



Hi Gill

thanks for your reply, but the ticket has now gone.

Shame you have to miss the Proms, and yes the last time he was there in 2009, I was there too and he was brilliant as always. Hope you get to see it on the red button on tv.


OMG tour dates for next May and June. Check out your emails !!!

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