UPDATE - Barry Manilow - London Album Signing - SOLD OUT

UPDATE..This event is SOLD OUT.

Barry Manilow will be meeting fans and signing copies of his new album ‘This Is My Town: Songs of New York’ at:

HMV 363 Oxford Street, London

Wednesday 26th April @ 6:00 PM

400 tickets are available for this event from the link below.

Tickets will be limited to one per person, subject to availability, while stocks last.

Customers who obtain a ticket will need to purchase a copy of Barry Manilow’s new album ‘This Is My Town: Songs of New York' from the store on the day of the event.

Please note that photography restrictions may apply and that Barry will only be signing copies of the new album.


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Hi, I have a ticket that unfortunately I now can't use. If anyone would like it please email me Sambridgewater@sky.com
Oh gosh beyond excited going to hmv to see Barry. Can't believe I got a ticket
See you all there

Very organised signing. No photos at the signing desk but was able to take photos in queue. Spoke to Garry after thanking him for bringing Barry back to UK. Asked if he would be back for any live shows and Garry advised "watch the telly" so can only assume date(s) will be announced on One Show or Lorraine!!
I agree so organised. So fantastic to see him. What a fantastic person he is. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to see him. Thank you Barry

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