BarryGRAM: May 2019

Another month, another BarryGram straight to your inbox. Aren't these monthly BarryGRAMs the best?! No more waiting months for a new GRAM and hoping, wish, praying it comes on time..... Shout out to the internet and email because now we can get as much of Barry Manilow as we want, whenever and wherever we are!!
It was recently Kathie Lee Gifford's final day on TODAY and to mark that big event, friends, family and colleagues gathered on the show Friday to honor the broadcasting legend — including another legendary performer.

Watch Barry Manilow serenade Kathie Lee Gifford on her last day on the TODAY show. Barry performed a special version to one of his biggest and certainly most fitting hit: "Can't Smile Without You"

Last week Barry met Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino's five month old mascot and official door greeter, Sir Winston. Be sure to stop and take your picture with Sir Winston next time you see MANILOW: Las Vegas!

Surprise! Barry will headline Proms in the Park 2019 on the 14th of September in London's Hyde Park for a live performance alongside the BBC Concert Orchestra.
Tickets are available now:

Speaking ahead of the event, Barry Manilow, said:
“I am so excited to be coming back to London’s Hyde Park for Proms in the Park in September! I always love performing with the BBC Concert orchestra, so I know we’re all in for a wonderful time."
Enjoy and experience the magic of a Barry Manilow performance from the comfort of your home... or anywhere else life takes you with ManilowTV

This month’s ManilowTV (May 2019) is an oldie but a goodie (just like me!) of our first time in Atlantic City at the Resorts International for the 1980 World Tour on July 2,1980.

We had sold out the show within hours and the demand for tickets was so great that they had to place TV monitors in three separate ballrooms and broadcast the show from the showroom to those ballrooms.

The sound is terrific. The band sounds great. However, there seems to have been no mic’s placed in the showroom, so you never hear the audience! 

Except for that strange element, the show itself is really entertaining.
I bet you’ll have fun going down memory lane with this one.


Also playing starting May 1st:

  • Manilow Live - Amsterdam 1978 / Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2010
  • The Joan Rivers Show - September 20, 1991
  • The First Great BMIFC Convention - Chicago, IL - July 25, 1983
  • One Last Time - London - O2 Arena - June 23, 2016
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