From Leeds To Liverpool To London & Every Town In Between!

Hi Everyone

I was lucky enough to attend all 9 of Barry's UK shows last month and have finally finished sorting my photos out. I'm including a selection from each show below. I don't mind if you want to copy them for personal use but please do not remove my copyright. Enjoy, Lana

LEEDS - 11th June 2016

NEWCASTLE - 12th June 2016

GLASGOW - 14th June 2016

MANCHESTER - 15th June 2016

LIVERPOOL - 17th June 2016

BIRMINGHAM - 18th June 2016

CARDIFF - 20th June 2016

BOURNEMOUTH - 21st June 2016

LONDON - 23rd June 2016

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What a fantastic surprise. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. So wonderful

Superb pictures, thanks for sharing!  Julie x

Lana, thank you soooooo much for sharing.  So generous of you. Fab photos.....precious memories of a glorious 2 weeks. Love them. 

Hi Lana,  Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.  I was a Birmingham and Cardiff and it is great to be able to see these photos to remind me of what a great time I had at both concerts.

Thankyou so much Lana for showing us your wonderful photos, if only we could just go back a month eh xx

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