Manilow Live - Kansas City, KS - Sandstone Amphitheater - September 5, 1999
Available exclusively at MANILOWTV.

It’s August already. How’d that happen? Boy, time flies.

And it’s hot! Well, we live in Hell, so the summers here in Palm Springs are always hot. But each summer seems to get hotter. They ain’t kiddin’ about climate change. 

This month’s ManilowTV episode is hot too. 

We were promoting the “Manilow Sings Sinatra” album, so I decided for the first time in years to tour with a full orchestra.

It was a thrill to be able to sing my catalog of songs and a handful of the songs from the “Sinatra” album accompanied by a full orchestra.

The arrangements on that album make my knees weak.

Seth Jackson created a very hip “Sinatra-like” set for us and I had a few three piece suits made for me in honor of the “Chairman of the Board”.

I even had my hair cut short. I just hated it! Made my nose look like the front of a Buick!

Well, Sinatra always wore a bad toupe, so we had bad hair in common!

And as a tribute to “The Man” at the end of the show I punched a bus boy in the nose. Kidding! Kidding! 

It’s a wonderful show.




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