Is anyone looking to swap my Manchester ticket for a good one at the o2?

I wonder whether anyone has bought a ticket for one or more of the O2 shows - but would've preferred going to Manchester instead?

I have a Block B, row F, seat 3 ticket for Manchester....but I can't go.  If there is anyone who would prefer to go to Manchester, rather than one of the O2 shows, maybe we could do a straight ticket swap?

I am looking for a seat in Block A2, preferably 5 or so rows back - although closer would be fine!! - on either Thurs, 6/9 or Sat 8/9.  I already have seats for all 3 O2 shows, but would like to improve one of them if at all possible....

If anyone can help, please let me know!

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Hello Geraldine,

I haven't got a ticket to swop but would you be interested in selling your Manchester ticket to me?



I have a A2 Row K ticket for the Friday night, if you're interested x

Hi Rebecca......sorry, I have A2 row J for Thurs, and A3 row E for Sat....and A2 front row (platinum) for Friday!!   Actually, seeing those seats written down like that, I wonder why I'm after better ones, really!!  Although we all want to sit as close & central as possible, don't we....?!   Thanks anyway x

Not sure what happened to my reply, but it vanished!

You're tickets sound great!

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