Manilow : Live In London - Fan Club Ticket Pre-Sale

Now it’s REALLY official!  

Barry will appear in concert at the 02 Arena in London, England on September 6th, 7th, and 8th, in 2018.  

The fan club has secured a limited number of top price tickets that will go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday at 8pm BST (UK Time).  

The fan club is only offering tickets in the lower level blocks and arena floor in the top three price categories. Ticket prices in UK sterling are £108, £88, and £68. In addition, the O2 Arena charges £1.75 per ticket for facility fees. The actual ticket charges online and over the phone will be in US Dollars and convert to $145, $120, $95, plus service charge.  

The ticket sales will be processed using Eventbrite, the world’s largest event technology platform.  
These tickets are only available to current members of the fan club. Membership can be purchased at Reminder…your code to gain access to the ticketing site once the sales are live is the email address you used to purchase your membership with.  

The fan club is also offering a very limited number of Platinum Experience tickets to benefit the Manilow Music Project on select nights.  

To order tickets from the fan club, please go online at or call (001)-424-298-4818 on Tuesday at 8pm BST (UK Time).

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So easy, got all concerts, got A1 row2, block 111 row f and block 110 row a so a very happy woman, yippee

great platform for booking tickets, got A2 row F so very happy. Thanks for making it so much easier. 

Easy peasy !!!! see you next year Barry  xx

Yes...a great system....I panicked!! But got 111 row d....went back in and could have got a3 row b....but we're seeing mr m again...and that's all that matters...thanks to the ticket sorters....very simple

Great presale!  A2 row C Thursday, A2 row B Friday and A3 row L Saturday - is it September 2018 yet???!!!

Soooo easy this time thank goodness. Got Block A row H for Sept 7th. See you all there xx

Loved it. Best system ever. Couldn't afford Platinum or Front Row but got 111 row B. Sooooooooo happy. Will be seeing my man again. Roll on Sept 2018. Not good wishing one's life away at my age, but I'll make an exception in this instance. How many sleeps is it now?
Forgot to say thank you for making it so easy. Stress free and I have confirmation already
Thank you
I think all the stressed just oooozed away once my payment had gone through (was a nervous wreck beforehand!) A2 row B, so excited!!

yipee got Friday A2 row n and Sarurdat A3 row r so happy such an easy system this time thank you 

Very disappointed and deflated that I didn't get a ticket for the Saturday show.  Was the only one I am able to go to, so will try getting one from O2 on Friday instead!

Still tickets available for Saturday

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