Greatest Hits and Big Band Too - Auditorio Nacional - Mexico City, MX - June 8, 1995 - Preview
Available exclusively at MANILOWTV.

Hi Everyone,
Well, this month’s Manilow TV makes perfect sense since we just finished two incredible shows in Mexico City.
We hadn’t been there in 22 years! I wasn’t sure anyone would come, but I’m glad to say I was very wrong.
We did two wild, loving, sing-along nights at the National Auditorium, the same place we played all those years ago.
So this month’s Manilow TV is a video of the Mexico City show that we did 22 years ago!
It’s one of our “home videos” but you can still see everything, hear everything and definitely get a sense of the enthusiasm of the crowd.
I think it’s a wonderful show and I really think you’ll enjoy it.
PS – Oh! I forgot to tell you – I’m feeling fine! By now you might have heard about my pneumonia drama on the weekend of our Las Vegas opening.
It was a crazy experience, but I’m back to my normal, energetic self and I thank you all for your good wishes.
Love (again)

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Can you help? I have tickets for this weeks concerts at the Westgate, brought thro' the Fan Club  but via Eventbrite. All I have is the confirmation email. Will my tickets be at the Box Office ? I'm starting to panic as I have had problems in the past.   Carole Toms..

Mark, Can you help. I have tickets for this week at the Westgate., but all I have is the confirmation email. Will my tickets be at the Box Office. I'm  coming from the UK and starting to panic as I've had problems in the past. Carole.

Hi Carole,

I am sure that the tickets will be at the Box Office as all Fan Club orders go via Eventbrite and overseas orders for Vegas are held at the Westgate Box Office.  If you have any concerns you can contact the USA office by emailing them at .

Have a great time at the shows!

Kind regards


Thanks Mark. I always worry when I don't have my ticket in my hot little hand until I get here !  Carole.

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