Just had to share this with everyone. I was all ready to sign in at 7.55pm BST on Monday night. I have been saving up to buy my first ever Platinum package, hoping Birmingham might get added to the list of dates. It did and I was excited at the possibility of meeting my lifelong hero for the first time after over 30 years of following Barry at many of his concerts. At 8.02pm precisely I got through only to see platinum packages 'sold out'. I couldn't believe it. Two minutes and they were all gone.I went and bought a seat in section A and even that was back in Row Q at precisely 8.03 pm. I was gutted.Guess I will never meet him now.

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That’s so sad when you have saved your money to do a Platinum makes you wonder how many there actually were available not many be the speed they went

aww I feel your pain, its seems so un fair

I too was surprised at 6 minutes past eight that there were no seats available in B and only managed to secure seats in A row P. I did notice a little later that B had become available again but only the back rows available.

i guess after all this time following Barry I shouldn't be surprised after never really obtaining any decent seats even when we were going to pretty well every show.Surely a little more forethought may have helped when they advertise the London concerts first and then sneakily add all the others especially as people who bought London tickets may then not be able to buy tickets closer to where they live.

Hotels travel and tickets all add up and every time the fans are treated badly regarding obtaining the tickets. It certainly was easier thus time but alas the outcome was the same. Disappointment as usual!

I agree joy, I too bought London tickets thinking that was all available, already booked hotel etc, I re newed membership especially to get good tickets, only to find there were no tiered seats available at birmingham

so will have to wait till april  now, like you I have never been able to get decent tickets through fan club, and am very annoyed at the way it has been done. once I have my Birmingham tickets I will be selling my London ones, but  will still be out of pocket with membership and  the hotel

very disappointed... feel very let down

What tickets will you have to sell?

02  block 103

row e

fri 7 th sept

two tickets

I also have two tickets to sell for O2 for thursday 6th September Block 111 Row F seats 352 and 353 if anyone would like them.

Hi Lorraine

I reckon the best seats are gone before even fan club members get a pick at them and platinum packages are almost impossible to get nowadays. Still I will get to see him perform and thats a bonus.

Barry’s last tour was my best seats ever but I think it had a lot to do with me only wanting one seat for most of the shows was even lucky enough to be moved from a 7 row seat in Liverpool to front row dead centre by Vikki at the fanclub and believe me that’s never happened in the 30+ years I’ve been going to the shows. Tickets this time round not so good put it down to wanting 2 seats, London tickets aren’t good ended up going through o2 priority to get them in the end. What makes my blood boil is the amount of tickets on sale on secondary websites at astronomical prices all brilliant seats the sooner this is looked into and stopped the better for us genuine fans.


I looked at the ticket site for Birmingham just now, Wednesday, 8:15PM and it is still showing tickets for Platinum.



How strange. I will take a loll. It’s been on sold all day. Thank you

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