Barry's Return To Blenheim Palace - July 2004 - ManilowTV

Return To Blenheim Palace - Oxfordshire, England - July 4th, 2004

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Hi Everyone,

Well, this one is a surprise. Didn’t know this video even existed.

It’s the “Return To Blenheim” concert that we did in 2004.

It was held on the grounds of Blenheim Palace – same place we performed in 1983.

It was nostalgic being back at the scene of one of the most exciting nights of my life.

We got to chat with the Duke of Marlborough who’s still watching over the Palace. He was there when we played there in 1983.

I guess he must have gotten the show biz bug, because now there was a proper stage, backstage dressing rooms and seats for a few thousand folks.

When I was there, it was a grass field with sheep poop!

We had a great time once again. I think you’ll like this one.


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