I know lots of you want to 'Thank Barry ONE LAST TIME" while he is here on tour with us in June. And I know some of you are planning cards...sing songs...etc.

If you would like to post a THANK YOU note for Barry please do so here. I will make sure all the messages get sent to Barry.

Thank you...


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Barry, I was lucky to be at 2 concerts Cardiff and London Copa party. You have been incredible so energetic and note perfect. I must say you've looked so happy and have had fun too. Take care and hope we see you in the UK in the near future. Lots of love Clare xxxx
A simple thank you doesn't seem enough but it is meant sincerely with huge love
Thank you for sharing your music and yourself with all of us
I went away from the O2 with a huge smile upon my face
Big hugs sherry xx

words are not enough, what an amazing journey,

Oh Wat a joy to finally go to 2 of yr cocerts in UK. .Newcastle AND liverpool.ive been a fan for too long to remember but u know what...I can't get yr songs out of my mind even on high volume in fave is somewhere in the night makes me cry every time.thank you for an amazing time in yr company.I do hope u come bak to UK in the future..jan
u amaze me barry... ur voice is perfect. your performance night in and night out is totally magical... you give the goosebump effect every time... i think of how exhausted you must be .. so have a good rest soon... but dont forget us.... with love and thanks for a lot of years and lots of fabulous memories ... your a star and you are well loved xx paula xx
Oh what can I say that I haven't said a million times before - THANK YOU with all my heart for these wonderful UK shows and for meeting with me at the Platinum. You had already given me a lifetime of beautiful memories to treasure before all this. You are just the best, the most talented ever. I love you to bits and am so happy for you in your personal life. The UK loves you and will be here waiting to party again whenever you feel the need for a friendship fix. Thank You , Thank You, Thank You. You are my music and you are my song and I never want that song to end. Friendship, Love and Support Forever and a Day, Lain xxx
Thank you Barry for giving us a wonderful UK tour. I was lucky enough to attend the last 6 shows and loved each one so much. Looking forward to hearing your new cd and hope you will be able to come back to see us sometime in the not too distant future. Love forever and a day. From Aileen.xx
Thank you Barry saw you in Newcastle absolutely fantastic night one which I won't ever forget .Look forward to new cd and here's hoping won't be too long before you decide to come back . Safe journey home love you loads julie xxx

Thank you so much for Manchester and Liverpool. Would have loved to do more. Through you and your music I have made so many friends. All the crew the band, not forgetting the fabulous Kai, Muffy and Melanie are just fabulous. Have a rest now Barry and come back soon. Hope you got your birthday glass in Manchester.xxxx

Thankyou Barry for the magnificient show in Birmingham, I have loved all the video clips that have been shared, so nice to hear you sing some of the old ones,Thankyou ,love always.Ann xx

Thank you for bringing this tour -saw it in Newcastle and O2. I ve seen Barry 6 times now over recent years - I was a late comer to his talent. He is without question the Worlds greatest showman and entertainer. But also one of the best voices around.

His O2 show on Thursday was a musical heaven.He looked great, full of energy, and sang like an angel.

It hopefully wont be his last UK show - 3 dates over a week at o2 every other year would be magical.

Thank you again Barry.


Thanks Barry had the time of my life at the02 every show tops the last.please don't make it to long before you are back again but rest now & look after yourself.lots of love xxxx

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