What's going on with this item. Mine came today. I paid Starz.bz a total of $19.99 which included $4.00 postage. I looked at mine and it was posted by Dress Circle in London yesterday. Why can't we get here in UK, it was recorded here and would save all the expense of getting from the states. Also this is same CD we all had free with our tickets so I now own 5. I feel this is taking Barry's fans for a ride here in the UK why do we want 5 CD's? We've paid for them with the tickets and now we've paid again. I also find that friends have got seats nearer than me at a cheaper price and are not in the fanclub.

I thought the fanclub members had first choice, seems not. I know others feel the same as me that the British fans are being ripped off on both these counts.

I'd like to know other people's opinions please.


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Comment by Mary Williams on April 29, 2012 at 8:27am

Hi Jay

Didn't see that or I would have ordered from UK as it came next day. Still the CD is lovely memories of last year, my only comment re the DVD is they left six good songs off it, and as we all know the ending to the show was fabulous with all the streamers coming down giving it a party atmosphere, but none of it was recorded onto the DVD, would have rather had the extras on the DVD to watch, don't know about you!

Lets hope they record this show too, as looks to be different and as always excellent! I can't wait for May!

Comment by brenda S. on April 27, 2012 at 10:48am

Thanks for replying Mary - I also think it crazy that we have to order tickets in dollars not really knowing how much it is - to think we used to send Lynne stamped and addressed envelopes for these things.   Put it down to progress I guess.   I wasn't happy at first about ordering tickets from the States and then they are sent from this country but I just go with the flow now.   Roll on the 02 Concert.

Comment by Mary Williams on April 26, 2012 at 5:24pm

I too am looking forward to Barry in 02 and Manchester Brenda. I just feel it's silly that orders made through Starz.bz and charged postage in dollars from there are sent from Dress Circle in London, much easier for us to order directly from them. Maybe I am wrong re the free CD's but I have four the same, and now another with just a few different songs on them all from the same show! I am surprised it came from London but the label states Dress Circle, and Postage Royal Mail.

Not long now for us all to enjoy Barry, like you so pleased he is now well enough to come back. Hope to see you there Brenda


Comment by brenda S. on April 26, 2012 at 5:13pm

Mary, I think you will find that on the CD there is Sandra which is not on the one received with tickets.   Also some different songs on the DVD.   I personally am just so happy that Barry is

able to come back here after his surgery and we don't have to wait a couple of years for his return.

Tickets are handled from the States since the UK fan club was merged with the American Fan club.   I was however surprised that the DVD/CD came from Dress Circle in London as I had presumed it was coming from the States.   Just pleased to have it from anywhere really.

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