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At 8:40pm on June 13, 2017, carol batten said…





At 9:18pm on February 2, 2017, eve dillaway said…

will we be able to PRE ORDER the new album before official release date ?

At 9:38am on June 29, 2016, Philip Andrew Chilvers said…
Well, It was a miracle, you came and performed at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena (As it is now known) on June 12th and performed an excellent show as always! This was the seventh time I have seen you live. The first time I saw you live was when I accompanied my special needs sister to the Birmingham NEC in 1991. For this possibly final time I accompanied my sister and had to put a bit more effort into it as I suffered a stroke in 1999 but it was worth it! So I thank you for returning to a small city in the NorthEast of England and entertaining us ONE LAST TIME! It was unbelievable for me that you performed here as Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a small cold city with a population of under 900,000 people and one that the majority of artists forget exists, thank you so much on behalf of myself, my sister and everyone present that night.
At 9:54pm on June 28, 2016, kuredu girl said…

Hi me again any reason why playlists have not been approved Jan

At 12:44pm on June 27, 2016, kuredu girl said…

Hi Mark  I put playlists on of all shows any idea why they have not appeared  Thanks

At 7:28am on May 10, 2016, Beryl Mary Fenech said…

I will be coming to see you in Birmingham on 18th June.  I cannot wait.  This was organised by my daughter who saw you for first time in Southampton.  I cannot wait.  Thank you, thank you for all the wonderful years and music.  Your music lifts me up when I feel down and, hopefully, will continue to do so for many more years yet.  You will be missed but your music will live on.  Enjoy your retirement with your family and friends.  You deserve it after all the years.  Once again.  Thank you, thank you for all the years you have given us. Beryl Fenech xx

At 9:53pm on May 9, 2016, ann copson said…

I am so looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham in June, and just want to thankyou for all the happy years  you have given to us and for sharing your wonderful music with us.I wish you all the happiness in the world.Love and best wishes always. xx

At 1:25pm on March 31, 2016, Gaynor Hollywood said…
Hi Mark
I have tried to put Liverpool tickets for sale on the site but I don't know if I am doing it correctly as it has not yet appeared. Please could you advise. Many thanks
Gaynor Hollywood
At 8:41am on March 25, 2016, Tricia Hodgson said…
Hi Mark, I started a 'thread' about singing We'll meet again' at the concerts when Barry comes back on stage, everyone on here seems to be on board, any suggestions as to how, when, if etc? I'm only at Newcastle this time round (floor, row F) but don't want to be singing alone!! Any comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!
At 1:09am on April 17, 2014, Susie said…
Well, after much deliberation I decided to order a couple of tickets to see THE MAN, OMG they have arrived today, ordered two but not told anyone yet so not sure who I will take, but do know I will be seeing a friend I met a couple of years ago at the 02; this is what happens with the 'friends' of Barry, you might not see them from one year to another and then you can just catch up nearer the time. Is Dave Koz performing? Hope so, not that we need to get in the mood for Barry but a bit of sax always helps! Are there any threads yet saying Good Luck for the shows? Hope to hear what else he might be doing while over here but just hope we all have the best time ever. Ciao, Susie :-)
At 6:32pm on June 7, 2013, Carol colton said…
Is there any barry fans that I can become friends with.?
At 7:01pm on January 27, 2013, Julie Horrobin said…

Hi Mark

I have some very sad news regarding one of our members.  Gill Riley sadly died last weekend.  Her son Chaz had been going through her mobile and has just contacted me to tell me the terrible news.  She had fallen down the stairs at home.  I met Gill back in May when we met for the first time for the trip to Dublin to see Barry.  We paired up at the airport and spent the whole 2 days together as we hit it off so well.  Gill and I had remained good friends ever since and had even met up for lunch just before Christmas.  Gill loved Barry so much and had been a fan for many many years.  I am still in shock, but rather than post a message on the Forum myself, thought I would let you know first and leave it to you if you want to say something.  Sorry to be passing on such sad news.  Poor Gill, this is just a terrible thing.


At 3:35pm on May 24, 2012, Susie said…
Hi Mark, I have a gift for Barry for the concerts and his upcoming birthday. It's something really nice - wish I had taken it with me to the 02 to give to you or Marc H. Is there somewhere I could send it knowing he would receive it as it's not cheap, I'll understand if this type of delivery is not possible but wanted to ask. Cheers Susie ;-)
At 1:44pm on February 8, 2012, Mary Williams said…

Dear Barry

We are sorry you have to postpone some of your shows, but the most important thing is that you yourself are fit and well, no point in making yourself worse. All of us understand that you wouldn't do this unless it was absolutely necessary.


Take time and make sure you are FULLY recovered, we'll wait all of us. Hoping you will make a full recovery. We are all thinking of you.

Love Mary

At 7:43pm on June 7, 2011, JENNY COWARD said…
thanks mark for your reply
At 11:53pm on December 30, 2010, JENNY COWARD said…
At 7:38am on November 4, 2010, Millie said…
hi mark
i know it has been discussed before, but does anyone know when Barry is actually on stage, I' guesssing 8.00 at earliest, (we have a grand daughter to get to bed before)

many thanks for all your hard work
At 4:20pm on September 17, 2010, olwen lloyd-thomas said…
i agree to. why cant barry sing some of his own songs that he has written
there are some beautiful songs out there of barrys we dont get to hear
at all olwen
At 4:06am on July 1, 2010, Joyce Neiman said…
Thank you for the friends add..i was on here awhile back and have returned
thanks so much for adding me....
Joyce Neiman
At 9:11pm on June 27, 2010, Diane said…
Every time I wander across the pond to your site, I'm impressed at what a wonderful place you have here. Very nice job. I know it's appreciated and enjoyed by every one who comes here. Thanks.

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